Hands on Banking® for Educators - Hands on Banking®

Hands on Banking® for Educators

The free and engaging Hands on Banking® program offers non-commercial resources and instructor guides with lessons and activities that will help you teach valuable financial skills. And all without any endorsements or advertising.

For youth resources, check out our youth site for online courses, tools, worksheets, lessons, and more. These resources, aligned with many standards, can be used for classroom and community instruction.


Build and maintain a strong financial foundation. Help adults manage their money responsibly and reach their financial goals – covering topics from budgeting and credit to insurance and planning for retirement

Young Adults

Getting set for a lifetime of financial health. Help young adults start their financial lives smart and strong – topics cover school loans, saving and investing, balancing a budget, and developing strong credit.


Helping business owners thrive. Help aspiring and emerging business owners start, manage, and grow their ventures – topics range from creating a business plan to investing in growth tools.