Your credit picture

Hand holding credit card

What’s your credit picture today? Review and print this list. Mark the statements that are true for your situation.

  • I manage my savings and checking account well and never spend more than my balance.
  • I frequently monitor the activity in my accounts.
  • I have one or more credit cards and pay my bill on time, every month.
  • I pay as much of my credit card bill as I can each month – always at least the minimum amount.
  • Less than 10% of my monthly income goes toward paying off credit card bills.
  • I always comparison shop for credit cards and loans.
  • I never sign loan papers unless I completely understand the terms first.
  • I have built my credit by taking out a small loan and repaying it monthly — in full and on time.
  • I know what my current credit score is.
  • I know how I can improve my credit score and have taken steps to do so.
  • I know how to order a free copy of my credit report.
  • I have reviewed my credit report in the last 12 months and checked it for errors.
  • If I find an error in my credit report, I know how to get it corrected.
  • My total debt is less than 20% of my annual net income.
  • If I’m having problems repaying a debt, I contact the lender right away to discuss what to do.

If 8 or more are true, congratulations: you’re on your way to using credit to your advantage! Wherever you are today, the valuable lessons in this topic can help you improve your credit picture.

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